Agro-Tech Expo & Conference 2018 is the first international fair for the agribusiness and agro-engineering sectors in Albania, organized by Expocity Albania. The fair was held on April 27-29, 2018. The fair aims to establish an international communication platform for farmers and agricultural producers from all over the country, as well as provide opportunities to connect and establish direct contacts with the largest companies in this industry across the region. Expocity Albania, as an integral part of the fair, also held the Agro Tech Conference, where the best experts in the field and representatives of state institutions addressed the problems and discussed about the most optimal solutions for the agricultural sector; also provided valuable information on innovative technologies and concepts of quality certifications.

Agriculture is at the center of Albania’s economic growth as a sector that generates around 17.7% of the country’s GDP and provides employment in around 50.7% of the population, contributing to poverty alleviation and rising living standards, especially in rural areas. The increasing demand for healthy, sustainable, and organic products, increases the need for adaptation with the latest technologies and more efficient solutions for transforming the agricultural business in order to increase productivity and meet all the market needs