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Besa agro invest currently have 4.5 hectares of greenhouses where it is produced according to the GLOBAL GAP methodology. BAI has certified the product of pepper, tomato and cucumber with the above certificate.

Global GAP  G.A.P. stands for Good Agricultural Practice – and GLOBAL G.A.P. is the worldwide standard that assures it.

For the August – December 2018 season cultivated these cultures::

Eggplant, Nilo variety the best known in the market for high performance and preferred by customers with 6000 m2 production units.

Tomatoes for salads, Viva variety.Average fruit, in regular form, very tasty. Favorite for the foreign and domestic market. In a production area of 8000 m2 and with an output of 80 tons of ready production.

Cucumber, Kalunga variety with fruit of 30 cm.Preferred for domestic market but especially for export. On an area of 6000 m2 and a production of 48 tons.

Cucumber, Paraiso variety medium fruit 20-23 cm. On an area of 6000 m2 and produces 48 tons.

Pepper culture is of several varieties :

Vedrana variety ( for filling )  4800 m2 ,

Kapi Sarpi 3000 m2

Laerta variety 4000 m2 ,

Nemesis variety ( white pepper for export) 2000 m2.

Slonovo Uvo ( red pepper ) in 5000 m2 area .


On an area of 30 hectares, we have the following production:

  • Apricot 8.5 ha with 4 varieties – Medaga Apricot; Kioto Apricot ; Primius Apricot; Mediabell Apricot; Medoly Plums
  • Pear 4 ha with 2 varieties – Carmen dhe Turandot Pear
  • Plums 4.5 ha with 4 varieties – Black Amber Plum; Sorriso di primavera Plum; Goccia D’oro Plum; Fortune Plum
  • Peach 2 ha with 2 varieties – Vistarich variety dhe Spring Belle variety
  • Nectarine 10 ha with 3 varieties- Ali top Nectarine; Big top dhe Earli Bomba Nectarine

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