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History of establishment: The Company with its denomination “BESA AGRO INVEST” lt was established 19.05.2014, as a private legal entity, by a group of partners, among which the most important one are Fondi BESA and ABC Foundation.

Activity Presentation; Besa Agro Invest Ltd was established to exercise its business activity in agriculture, mainly in the productions cultivated in greenhouses and fruit trees. But, more specifically, some of its main activities will be;

1. Agricultural cultivation of different crops and their trade wholesale and retail;

2. Olive cultivation, vineyards, fruit trees in order of trading their products and by-products, wholesale and retail;

3. Production of seeds and seedlings and trading;

4. Establishment of the processing industry of agricultural products and livestock;

5. Establishment and development of agro-tourism;

6. Etc.

And for this, from 80 hectares of the farm, an area up to 50 hectares will be for greenhouses for the production of vegetables, mainly tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers with the most advanced technology. The rest will be planted with fruit trees, for the benefit of natural product for the market, and also refined ones.
This farm will be a contemporary model not only in terms of used technology, but also in the organization, in respect of which will construct a chain, starting from production, storage, processing and packing, which will make the products competitive in the international market.


The construction of a modern farm with the main intention of producing, fruits and vegetables, mainly for export. Development of this project by being supporting with efficient investments and harmonized lines collection, as it is the processing and standardization of the products, produced not only by the activity of the company, but also by farmers throughout the area and beyond, having a special effect also in the employment of the area. At the same time, BAI (Besa Agro Invest) intention is to become a demonstration center for advanced technologies, as well as being a practical school for all entrepreneurs in agribusiness.


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Year of creation 2014
  • During the period August to September 2014, we rented office near the land area for rent and continued work on their reconstruction.
  • The work of Besa Agro Invest Company in the months of October – November focused on implementing the business plan which was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • On 07.10.2014, a contract was signed with the Ministry of Agriculture for the lease of an area of land of about 82.6 ha.
  • During December 2014, work was done to clean up main and secondary channels and some other tertiary channels were opened in the parcels that were planted with grain.
  • 2015 is recognized as the first year of a full activity, because the first tunnel greenhouses were designed, financed and put into operation on an area of about 2.4 ha, extending to 39 individual tunnels, each tunnel being in size (64m x 9.6m or 614 m2).
  • November 2015, the first 7 tunnels were used in about 4 dynym, to be planted with salad and spinach. Salad production was good and reached about 150 kv / ha.
  • For the immediate and intensive use of the greenhouse area, it was planned and implemented their planting with spring vegetables on the entire surface of 2.4 ha, namely:- Pepper1,1 ha
    – Tomatoes 0,8 ha
    – Cucumber 0,3 ha
    – Eggplant 0,2 ha
  • The year 2015 marked an important investment, such as building a new collector with exit to the main collector. This investment continued throughout 2016. It was the only watering opportunity for vegetable crops.
  • The second important direction in the company’s activity, fruit trees, on a surface of about 28 ha and about 16,000 seedlings of nectarine, peach, apricot, plum and pear, are evaluated today in good condition.
  • According to the inventory conducted in June 2015, the percentage of flowering is about 99%.

   – 1 powerful tractor 100 kf and

   – 1 tractor 35 kf, for the needs of agricultural works on parcels and greenhouses.

  • It was invested in creating an environment suitable for the company’s warehouse, where storage and standardization of production comes from the field.
  • It was also invested in the construction of a center for selection of greenhouse products and the establishment of two production brigade centers with their own accessories (toilet), creating the necessary working conditions for production workers.
  • Since July 2016 we have drafted working norms for all processes carried out in agricultural production technology, working with mechanical tools, fuel consumption for each tool. The drafted norms that apply to BAI are determined on the basis of time schedules and the realization of volumes in other years.

• During 2016 the following agricultural mechanics have been added:

– Freze with the necessary accessories.

– The machine for bonding the grass

Sera Project

  • During 2016 work began on the construction of 2.5 ha of new greenhouses. With their completion, the surface of the greenhouses in use went to 5 Ha.
  • After obtaining the building permit from Kruja Municipality, on 1.09.2016, work on their construction began. The works were carried out by the company “AMU” shpk.
  • For the design of planting structure for 2017, the bases have been the organization of the territory where the BAI farm is operating, the agro-climatic conditions, the requirements of the proposed crops for sowing to these conditions, the agricultural circulation, the adaptation of the seeds according to the biological production capacity, pedological soil, market flexibility for these crops and yields achieved this year.
  • Field vegetables for this year occupy an area of about 3.1 ha of arable land or over 60% of vegetable crops
  • Grain culture for this year occupies a good part of the area of arable land, namely 27 ha. In the context of the field crops it is planned to sow 5.3 ha of alfalfa.
  • For 2017, the most important are the investments that will be made in the new 2.4 ha greenhouse block that will be located opposite NORD PARK.
  • The 2017 experience revealed that around 1250 tons of products were produced at BAI.
  • We have managed to produce tomato seedlings, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, squash, melon, watermelon. The planting of wheat and alfalfa crops has been completed at times.
  • The refrigerator room has been built
  •  Electronic weighing is purchased, is a 4-weight weighing platform that conforms to the standards adopted by the European Commission (EC)
  • It is under construction 1 Ha solar greenhouse
  • Other agricultural equipment was purchased

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Address : Str. Vore-Fushe Kruje,Arrameras, perballe Nord Park
Telephone: +355 56330100 / +355 0689018895

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